Our “father” who art somewhere.

We all pray. Be you a Muslim, Christian, Traditionalist or even a new age believer. Why do we pray though? That’s easy to answer. To ask whomever you worship for something. This “something” is what intrigues me.

People will ask for anything. A thief will pray for guidance and success in his work. An executioner paid on commission basis would probably ask for more people to be given the death sentence. Cobblers for more ruined shoes. And coffin makers, a push to all them frail old people on the brink, who are stubbornly hanging on to life.

There is a particular group of people whose requests are pretty ridiculous, “STUDENTS”. They take it up a couple of notches. A student who hasn’t studied for his exam will still pray for straight As. This student will enter the exam hall with head held up high and expect to ace it all. 

One Christian student friend spent all his time evangelizing [not to say it’s wrong]. After which he printed out this sheet which had him scoring a hundred [100] in everything. This was a mandate he claimed he received from God through prayer. Throughout the exam period, this guy didn’t study. You would go to his room and find him kneeling in front of his “divine report card” praying. Needless to say, he failed everything and was sacked. He probably expected angels to come write the exam for him.

Another guy I knew did one better even. His reason for praying was particularly bizarre. He had borrowed a friend’s iPod and had lost it in the students’ common room. He had been using it and had dozed off. In a bid to find it, he had gone to a field behind the students’ common room to pray. There he met this other student whom he told his woes to. This new guy offered to pray for him. He kneeled and the guy laid hands on him. This guy then grabbed hold of his head and vigorously shook it from side to side. After which he told him to go sleep in the same place he lost the iPod. He will wake up with the iPod in hand. The sleep was needed cause his prayer was still being processed. 

He did as he was told and woke up with his phone and wallet now gone. A couple of days later he met the prayer guy who was holding a wallet he swore looked exactly like his. 

Seemed he was the answer to the prayer Guy’s prayer. Talk about God working in mysterious ways.

Author: OsugyaniAbrantie


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