Kofi comes up with a plan to own a gun and celebrate ourday in style, the only thing that stands in his way is a ghost.

We are always encouraged to share as children, I feel that goes against our basic nature as humans. If it was natural to share, wouldn’t it be instinctive and not need to be taught?”.
With this thought running through my mind, I watched as Mrs. Bekoe shared the food amongst my class mates.

This food in particular was refreshment from participating in the science fair. Some students had come late and had nothing to submit to boot, so they hadn’t received any refreshment. For some reason, Mrs. Bekoe thought it was fair to take the hard earned meat pie and drinks from those who had participated and share it amongst the whole class. I was fuming, but there was nothing I could do about it. As luck would have it, in that moment of anger, inspiration struck.

Ourday was a couple of weeks away, usually students are to bring food from home, but this time around the school had partnered with some caterers who will bring fried rice and other favorite dishes to the school. Students who were interested will write their names and pay a week before ourday.

My plan was simple, with how Mrs. Bekoe shared food for the others, I wagered she will find food for those who had nothing on ourday. All I had to do was convince my mum to give me money for the school’s ourday catering instead of cooking for me. That was easy, I just explained to her the time and energy saved, as well as the convenience this brought her.

She did agree and gave me the money. I didn’t stop there, I went to my dad too and told him I didn’t want to have my mum go through the trouble of cooking for ourday since the school was having some caterers bring food. He also gave me the money, that was after asking my mum if it was true she wasn’t cooking for my Our day. He got the affirmation.

They were both so proud of me, the fact that I had gone out of my way to make my mum take a break from cooking ourday food. On the surface it might not seem like much, but when you realize my mum would have had to cook jollof as well as fry chicken and make a host of other pastries for me, the sheer amount of work involved becomes apparent. So yeah, I might have my own selfish reasons but my mum is the benefactor in all this.

It went without saying that even though I had taken money from my folks, I wasn’t going to pay for the ourday special food from the school. I bought some toy guns I had been eyeing for a while. We were planning on having a game of police and thief after school was over. Having a gun would mean I get to decide who becomes a police or a thief. So yeah, the money will be put to good use.

Soon, a fortnight passed and our day arrived. It was the same day they shared report cards, so we usually stayed in class till noon before being left to our own devices. Mrs. Bekoe usually had us eat before giving us the report cards, this was probably to make sure those who did poorly weren’t too sad to eat. Come to think of it, that would have been nice; there would be a lot of food for her to share. Alas, it never happened that way.

Mrs. Bekoe arrived late, she had gone to get the food for those who paid for the school’s special ourday treat. We were all seated when she arrived.. She wasted no time at all and asked us all to take out our ourday baskets. After which she went round giving food to those who had paid. She was soon done with that and headed to the front of the class to lead us in prayer before we ate. It was then that looking at us all, she saw my empty table.

She called me to the front and asked where my food was. I was known to bring huge baskets filled with treats. Me having nothing was an anomaly. So with tear filled eyes, I told her how my mum was dead and my dad was not well. Even going as far as saying I hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. She gasped and hugged me. Quickly letting me sit at her table. She surprised me, she didn’t give me portions of my classmates’ food. She gave me the food that had been specially prepared for the teachers.

I couldn’t believe my luck and quickly started digging in. Some of my classmates, seeing me eating also started doing same. She reprimanded them severely and had them all stop eating to pray. After which she gave them the go ahead. I could see the looks of surprise on their faces as she didn’t bother to stop me. I continued to eat.

The teachers’ food was something else, it had everything; chicken, goat, beef… you name it. There was Jollof and fried rice in different parts of the pack. I was so engrossed in the food I hadn’t noticed my classmates getting up to greet. It was only when Mrs. Bekoe tapped me that I looked up amd saw Monsieur Akankude and my mom.

Apparently, my mum had felt bad that she didn’t cook for me and had decided to make some pastries to supplement the food from the school. She knew Monsieur so had sought him out to bring her to my class.

I started upon seeing my mum, I turned to look at Mrs. Bekoe, only to find her holding the biggest cane I had ever seen in my life, and sporting the angriest look ever.

I could only keep staring at her whiles I continued to eat her food, and wonder why bad things happen to good people.

Author: OsugyaniAbrantie


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