The King Of Zanzanma.

Whoever reigns in Zanzanma reigns supreme, and now he has been challenged. The king must take back his throne.

Have you ever wanted something so bad you are prepared to go through physical pain for it? Or better still, prepared to let someone go through pain for it?

Sad to say, I found myself in that situation. What I wanted was to knock the shininess out of Kuu’s head and get closure. He will go through the physical pain of course.

For over a week, Kuu had been telling everyone he was the King of  Zanzanma, a position which previously was claimed by me. A little inactivity on my part had him feeling he could claim my hard earned reputation. I had had to defeat all the boys in a game of Zanzanma and Alikoto. Yes, I was king of Alikoto too. 

My dad had been a tad heavy handed with me after the whole bell episode, I wasn’t allowed to leave home except on errands. So I hadn’t been able to show my prowess, and you know; an absent king is a nonexistent one.

Kuuku had taken advantage of this and wanted to push me out. I heard he had even challenged me to a game of Zanzanma. He needed a lesson. We were in different schools so he probably assumed with me grounded after school I couldn’t take him up on his challenge, leaving him the undisputed winner. “Small boys are young”.

He obviously didn’t know how devious this human being was, he hadn’t heard about the legend. He might have, he probably didn’t believe.
With the challenge out, I waited for a couple of weeks without making a move, this was to give him a false sense of security.

I didn’t rest during that time, I found out his time table and got to know on which days they had extra classes at their school. Even finding out on which days some particular teachers taught, teachers who would show up late. Most importantly I found out where he sat and how to get to him.

While finding out all that information, I wrote to Gideon’s International requesting for their New Testament texts, telling them I was the school prefect of a government school.

The books were sent within a fortnight; with the arrival of the books, I was set. I had already spoken to Taller, an older guy in the neighborhood I was on good terms with.

He had to go to the school that day, go see the headmaster and have him take him to Kuu’s class to distribute the Bibles. It would be Kuu’s class because they would be the only class that would be having extra classes at that time. Their French teacher that day always showed up late, and kept them later than he should. He taught at some other school too, hence him always being late.

On the appointed day, everything proceeded without a hitch, Taller was in Kuu’s class with the headmaster. As was their want, the students had all gotten up to greet when the two entered. That was my cue, I had been standing outside the whole time, not too far away and not too close either.

I had skipped my last lesson to make it here on time. It was going down. 

“We are fine thank you.”

Hearing this, I crouched low and proceeded to alligator walk along the wall and head to where Kuu was sitting. Conveniently he sat next to a window. Making sure I was in his blind spot, I got up.

Taller had started sharing the Bible then, so everyone was engrossed in that. The headmaster being there also ensured they were all attentive.
I couldn’t have asked for a better setting, knowing I had orchestrated all this made me realize I really deserved to be King.

I stretched after getting up, cracked my knuckles and neck. The sound of that drew the attention of everyone. The class was that quiet. Kuu turned too, he saw me and froze with a knowing look in his eyes. I could see the words Zanzanma forming on his lips, but alas it was too late.

I bent my fingers inwards with the knuckles flexed and swung my arm with the strength of a king.

My knuckles connected to the side of his head, all that he was about to say forgotten. His head swung back, if I had hit him any harder, it would probably have flown off.


I looked in the direction of that voice, and lo and behold; Monsieur Akankude was standing at the entrance to the class.

I couldn’t be bothered, I was lost in bliss. I looked at the class and screamed;


* Zanzanma – A game played amongst Ghanaian kids, where participants are supposed to say zanzanma whenever they take a seat. Failure to do so gives other participants the right to smack you in the head.

Author: OsugyaniAbrantie


5 thoughts on “The King Of Zanzanma.”

  1. Lmao I miss Zanzama! I was the only girl that was crazy enough to play zanzama with the boys… and boy did I knock some heads!!😂🤣 Good job, King!


  2. I don’t know why actually imagined your face (on a 12 year older body) as you knocked Kuu.. and in slow motion. 😁


    1. This takes me back to my jhs days .. I was not brave enough to play that game but boy did I revel in watching others receive knocks 🤣🤣🤣


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