Blue Feem Ninja

Every afternoon, his older cousin and his friends lock him out of the living room. In a bid to find out what they get up to, Kofi goes undercover.

Curiosity doesn’t always bode well, especially when you are a kid and feel the need to know everything. I was that kind of child, I will get obsessed with knowing what people tried to hide from me. Doing all I could to satisfy my curiosity. 

This is what had me feigning sleep in the living room. I lived with my dad and older cousins, all males. School was on vacation, so when dad was at work we all congregated in the living room to watch TV. Every noon , like clockwork, they would ask me to go take a nap.
It was the same story everyday, me saying I wasn’t sleepy just earned me a knock. I had tried to sneak back to see what they were doing but somehow they always found me out before I could sate my curiosity.

So today, I had lain on the rug from earlier on and pretended to be asleep.
I was there for a bit, laying still and counting in my head. It took a while but they started coming around at the appointed time. I heard some murmurs and tried to still myself even more. The murmurs continued for a bit and then stopped. I felt hands grab hold of my ankle and wrists. I went limp and tried to be as heavy as possible. It wasn’t working, I could feel myself being lifted. I started struggling, not too much though. Just enough to make them think it was too much trouble to move me. I felt myself being lowered, not long after someone covered me with a blanket, all of me. I couldn’t see anything. To top it off, they had repositioned me such that I was facing in the opposite direction from the tv.

I lay there thinking, trying to see how I could turn without them becoming suspicious. I heard the tv come on, amidst the sound of my cousins taking their seats. I stretched then, and managed to move a bit to my right, I still couldn’t see the tv but I was closer. My movement started them murmuring again, they had lowered the volume of the tv. I had stopped moving but they hadn’t stopped murmuring, I heard Kofi Dada, my eldest cousin say something, it was low but I caught snatches of it.

“Bedroom… and legs”

I knew they intended to carry me inside. I waited and hoped it wasn’t the case, no one touched me for the next couple of minutes. I didn’t relax until the sound of the tv came on again. My curiosity was at its peak now, I had to see whatever it was they were hiding, even if it was the death of me. 
The talking started again, but this time it wasn’t undertone. It was a back and forth between Dada and his friend Killo. They were arguing on what to watch. So it must be a movie, probably a horror movie because even though I loved them. I always had nightmares after. It probably was Chucky, I knew my dad had brought the cassette home. I had been looking forward to watching it. The talking stopped, Killo had managed to convince Dada. 

The room had gone deadly quiet, I had managed to move the blanket a bit so I could see the face of Killo, it looked so rapturous. At this point I was cursing my cousins from excluding me. Killo was an avid movie fan and would not watch anything that wasn’t good. That look on his face, before the movie had even started promised something extraordinary. Something was tempting to give me away, my little bladder. I felt the urgent need to pee. I lay there and waited for the sensation to pass. After a minute, I stretched again and managed to move a little more to my right. No one paid me any attention as far as I could tell. There weren’t any murmurs, neither did the volume of the tv go off or down.

I heard a woman moaning, and a gruff sounding male voice. From my periphery I could see a bright background. I was getting goosebumps I realised. I couldn’t tell if it was the pee or the moans. One thing I knew was that I had to see the screen now. I sneaked a look at Killo and he was staring at the screen not blinking, with his hands in his shorts. So disgusting, he was licking his lips too. That guy was obsessed with movies. I stretched and turned again, laying still and trying to peep from under the blanket. My last movement had moved the blanket too, now it was bunched up where my face was. I couldn’t see through it. I spent the next couple of minutes making furtive movements with my hand, which finally managed to displace the blanket. They were all focused on the movie and hadn’t noticed anything.

The time had finally arrived, I adjusted my neck and opened my eyes. What I saw froze me in place. There were naked people on the screen. I was disgusted but oddly fascinated. I wanted to get up and scream, but all I did was stay in place, pee a little and watch it. I noticed that my waist had started to move of it’s own accord. It was doing this weird up and down movement. It was nice, I kept at it. 


Something had hit me in the back. 

“What do you think you are doing?”

I had arched my back when hit, sitting straight up. I couldn’t fake asleep anymore, not after having sat up.

“What do you think you are doing?”

Dada asked me again, moving to squat in front of me. 

“Stand up”, he said. 

 I did that, 

“What were you doing?” 
I didn’t reply. 

From behind him, Killo said, “let him take off his shorts, he has an erection.” 

They all burst into laughter then, Dada didn’t bother to ask me, from his squatting position, he pulled down my shorts and supporters. 

Now, I had been doing all I could to hold the pee in, when Dada pulled down my shorts, a breeze of fresh hair brushed my genitals. The next thing I knew was me peeing into the air. Because they were all in front of me and less than a meter away, it went right onto them. Dada got a facefull of it.

It was at that instance that Eleanor entered, Killo had asked her to come by. She had been knocking for a while, no one had answered so she had entered. 

She looked at me, at the tv screen, at the boys, and then screamed her lungs out. All I felt was relief, that pee felt good.

Author: OsugyaniAbrantie


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